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Independent Michigan Political Action Committee of Teachers (IMPACT) is the political action arm of the Warren Education Association and Fitzgerald Education Association. It is governed by its own board of trustees, who are elected by WEA and FEA members to alternating two-year terms. They make decisions about supporting candidates and issues that impact all or our lives as public education employees.






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Bob Callender - WEA President

Jon Fielbrandt - Sterling Heights H.S. (PAC Chair)

Joe Stonchus - Warren Mott H.S..

Josh Weston - Warren Mott H. S.

Jean Wenner - Green Acres E.S.

Marian Cardamone - Lean E.S.

Melissa Hardy - Carleton M.S.

Dave Oravec - Warren Mott H.S.




Last Updated: February 8, 2017 1:23 PM